DCA Annual Convention

The Annual Convention is held in a warm weather location in the US or internationally and is designed for members and their spouses/guests. Families are also known to attend. At this annual meeting of the membership elections for the Board are held. A key feature of the convention is the annual auction which has grown over the years and is the primary fundraiser for the operations of the DCA. The week-long event is supported through the generous sponsorship of our associate members and features first rate speakers at business sessions, networking events, and local activities. Recipients of the scholarships and the Arthur T. Everham Safety Award are announced at the convention.The final board meeting of the outgoing president and the first board meeting of the new president are held at the convention. A Leadership Council meeting is held as are meetings of the committees. The general meeting of the membership is the DCA Town Hall where the leadership provides an update on the proceedings of the association and where the members can dialog with leadership.


56th                  2017                   Maui, Hawaii
55th                  2016                   Naples, Florida
54th                  2015                   New Orleans, Louisiana
53rd                  2014                   Cancun, Mexico
52nd                 2013                   Miami Beach, Florida
51st                  2012                   Kohala Coast, Big Isand, Hawaii
50th                  2011                   Las Croabas, Puerto Rico
49th                  2010                   Los Cabos, Mexico
48th                  2009                   Ka'anapali, Maui, Hawaii
47th                  2008                   Palm Springs, California
46th                  2007                   Paradise Island, Bahamas
45th                  2006                   Ka'anapali, Maui, Hawaii
44th                  2005                   Lake Buena Vista, Florida
43rd                  2004                   Scottsdale, Arizona
42nd                 2003                   Ft. Myers, Florida
41st                  2002                   Kauai, Hawaii
40th                  2001                   Palm Springs, California
39th                  2000                   St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
38th                  1999                   Coronado Bay, California
37th                  1998                   Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii
36th                  1997                   Indian Wells, California
35th                  1996                   Lake Buena Vista, Florida
34th                  1995                   Las Croabas, Puerto Rico
33rd                  1994                  Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii
32nd                 1993                   Carlsbad, California
31st                  1992                   Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
30th                  1991                   Tucson, Arizona
29th                  1990                   Ka'anapali, Maui, Hawaii
28th                   1989                  Lake Buena Vista, Florida
27th                   1988                  Scottsdale, Arizona
26th                   1987                  Palm Springs, California
25th                   1986                  Palm Springs, California
24th                   1985                  San Antonio, Texas
23rd                  1984                   Scottsdale, Arizona
22nd                 1983                   Coronado, California
21st                  1982                   Miami Beach, Florida
20th                  1981                   Scottsdale, Arizona
19th                  1980                   Miami Beach, Florida
18th                  1979                   Newport Beach, California
17th                  1978                   Las Vegas, Nevada
16th                  1977                   Key Biscayne, Florida
15th                  1976                   Marco Island, Florida
14th                  1975                   Key Biscayne, Florida
13th                  1974                   Key Biscayne, Florida
12th                  1973                   Las Vegas, Nevada
11th                  1972                   Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
10th                  1971                   Coronado, California
9th                    1970                   Freeport, Grand Bahama
8th                    1969                   Freeport, Grand Bahama
7th                    1968                   Las Vegas, Nevada
6th                    1967                   Coronado, California
5th                    1966                   Phoenix, Arizona
4th                    1965                   New Orleans, Louisiana
3rd                   1964                    Denver, Colorado
2nd                   1963                   St. Louis, Missouri
1st                    1962                   Kansas City, Missouri