CNC Lathe Operator

McElroy Manufacturing

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

CNC Machinists at McElroy work 10 or 12-hour shifts and must be prepared to work overtime to meet our customers’ needs. Machinists must have proven experience and success troubleshooting and resolving operation or programming problems. They use micrometers, calipers and other tools and gauges frequently. They are able to read, interpret and act on requirements and specifications of blueprints for a variety of parts. Regularly, machinists will place and secure parts, fixtures and tools onto machines. Machinists must be able to identify and know the properties of exotic metals.


McElroy’s CNC machinists work at our Admiral Facility, where components are produced in a climate-controlled facility. Third shift runs 6am-6pm Friday through Sunday.The Admiral Facility houses a fitness facility that is free to employees, and open 12 hours a day. Showers and appointments with personal trainers are available.

A McElroy Machinist can say…

I can convert raw materials into a finished product with little supervision.
I can conduct first article inspection while adhering to high-quality standards.
I can perform machine set-ups, machine adjustments, and edit programs.
I can use calipers, micrometers, protractors, and machinist’s scales as needed.
I am able to produce quality parts from blueprints while maintaining very close tolerances.
I am a team player who produces results.
I am capable of working with carbon steel, aluminum, cast iron, polymers, stainless steel and brass.
I am able to provide my own tools and measuring devices.
I am able to think and work like an owner.
I enjoy being rewarded monthly for my contributions.
I enjoy working in a clean, climate-controlled building.
I enjoy producing world-class products every day.

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