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The HDD industry making the ‘Right Turn’ for their supply needs

The HDD industry making the ‘Right Turn’ for their supply needs

Monday, August 7, 2017

A new company has emerged to service the HDD industry with an emphasis on downhole consumables. “Right Turn Supply was created to find and deliver the best products in the market, giving our customers the greatest chance at success,” says Patrick Robinson, co-owner of Right Turn Supply. Robinson and partners, Jon Heinen and Tim Hutton, have been involved in the HDD industry for nearly a decade.

“We all come from a HDD or pipeline background,” explains Heinen. “We’ve been manufacturer reps, product specialists, contractors, or account managers. These different perspectives allow us to serve our customers in a unique fashion.”

“Those customers, who we’ve been fortunate to serve, have become more than just accounts. They’ve become friends,” Hutton adds. “And we want the best for our friends.”

When it comes to products, Right Turn Supply has teamed up with Sharewell HDD, serving as their authorized agent and representing Sharewell’s entire line of innovative products. “We are excited to work with Sharewell and showcase their new Gemini hole opener and PipeVac system,” says Robinson. “It was evident that Sharewell has the most diverse group of products for our customers.”

A focus area for Right Turn Supply will be drilling fluids, additives and solidification products. Heinen explains, “The lifeblood of any directional crossing is the drilling fluid. Right Turn Supply will ensure that our customers have the products they need to complete the crossings and make dealing with the fluids a worry-free process when the job is done.”

Right Turn Supply is a Houston, TX based company with additional offices in the Midwest. For more information on the company and products offered you can visit www.rightturnsupply.com.