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DCA-Dale R. Michels Endowed Scholarship -

Application Deadline January 11, 2019

Accredited College or University Scholarship 
To encourage students to pursue careers in construction, the Association founded an endowed scholarship in 1998 to distribute $5,000. Through the years, the amount distributed has grown to $15,000 per year. The amount distributed to worthy candidates will be based on a portion of the association’s auction and investment income proceeds and is estimated at least $75,000.

The DCA-Dale R. Michels Endowed Scholarship, which was named in memory of Honorary Member Dale R. Michels, was originally funded by an endowment of $100,000, taken from the proceeds of DCA’s Annual Auction. Michels Corporation and others contributed significant amounts to the fund. The program is administered by the Dale R. Michels Scholarship Committee, which oversees the annual application and award process. Applicants are judged on academic and community achievements, college entrance test scores, financial need, and two short answer questions.

2019-20 DCA-Dale R. Michels Scholarship Application


DCA - Curtis H. Allen Scholarship -

Application Deadline January 11, 2019

Trade, Technical or Vocational School Scholarship
The Curtis H. Allen Scholarship was formed by Bentonite Performance Minerals (BPM) in honor of the late Curtis H. Allen. BPM makes an annual contribution of $2,500 into the fund and is matched by Distribution Contractors Association. The amount distributed to worthy candidates will be based on a portion of the association’s auction and investment income proceeds and is estimated at least $22,500.

2019-20 DCA Curtis Allen Scholarship Application

James R. Upton Scholarship

The DCA Board of Directors authorized $3,000 annually for a period of five years, for the purpose of providing scholarship opportunities for students of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, in memory of former DCA Managing Director James R. Upton.

Two scholarship recipients are selected by the Cherokee Nation, based on criteria set by them, from graduates of the Sequoyah High School in Talequah, and awarded annually.

DCA-Lyons’ Grant Program

Deceased Past President and Honorary Member Bob Lyons was widely known for his commitment to community service, education, charitable causes and the DCA. Bob was instrumental in establishing the DCA Annual Auction in 1991, which to date has raised over two million dollars for the scholarship program, the DCA Safety Congress and the association’s office and staff. To give back to the association, Bob’s widow, Jan Lyons, a strong DCA supporter in her own right, committed a donation from the Lyons Family Foundation of $25,000 over a five year period. The grants are intended to recognize leaders in service those who positively contribute to their communities and help provide support for the missions they serve. While there are no specific requirements for this grant, it is expected that the candidates are strong emerging and/or established community leaders and are recognized for their personal service, activism and desire to make positive change in the communities. It was Bob’s vision to provide resources to those who embrace a sense of community and understand what it means to “give back”. These grants, although modest, are intended to be directed to individuals or organizations that do not receive significant financial assistance from governmental or large charitable groups. In Bob’s words; “It’s all about those that have been blessed with the understanding of what it is to give back.”

Click here for the Lyons' Family Foundation Grant Application